Aspira Lemon Twist Rum

Aspira Caribbean Punch, Aspira Berry Blast, Aspira Apple Twirl

Aspira Lemon Twist Rum

Twist the natural lemon and feel the zeal!
A carefully crafted product that infuses KALS rum with the essence of the royal family of citrus fruits: lemon & lime.

Aspira Lemon Twist Rum has a refreshing taste with a twist of lime, and is best enjoyed as a chilled shot, on the rocks, with Tonic water or soda. The secret to the intense flavour in KALS flavoured rums is starting every recipe with KALS Superior White Rum, aging for one year and blending in rich, tropical fruit flavours. When it's all blended together, the characterful rum amplifies these ingredients to unleash the richest possible fruit flavour — and the most vibrant experiences!

Other Aspira variants:
Aspira Caribbean Punch
Aspira Berry Blast (Kryptonian that melts the heart)
Aspira Apple Twirl (Calvadra that captivates)

Available in:
✓ 180 ml
✓ 375 ml
✓ 750 ml